Small Groups at The Journey

Find community, discipleship and a shared mission by connecting with a Small Group.

The church in the West has been effective in reaching out to the world around it in the past, but often struggles to do so today.
Why is that?
We believe that the message of the good news of Jesus Christ is equally applicable today to any point in history, so the issue is not with the message, but the way that it is delivered. Part of the solution, we believe, is Missional Small Groups.

What is a Missional Small Group?
Essentially, it is a group of people who form a community that welcomes others in, rather than becoming a holy huddle, or a Christian clique. It exists to encourage discipleship into maturity as well as the making of new disciples. It builds bridges with unchurched people and exhibits the love of God as a witness to Him at work in His world.
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