Pastors & Eldership

Pastors Terry and Jayne Calkin

Pastors Terry and Jayne Calkin have been described as pillars of the church in Auckland. They established Greenlane Christian Centre in 1981 which grew into the largest church in Auckland. They have a huge influence both locally and overseas, particularly through international missions and Word for You TV. They co-planted The Journey in 2018 and have operated in the Senior Pastorate since its inception.

Pastor Anthony Cluley

Pastor Anthony Cluley grew up in the church that Pastors Terry and Jayne established, eventually joining staff as a TV and video producer/director. Since 2006 he has been mentored under their tutelage and together with them and his wife, Sarah, co-planted The Journey, being ordained and appointed to the role of Associate Pastor.

Pastor Paul Anslow

Pastor Paul Anslow has been serving with Terry for nearly three decades, both in ministry and in vocation. Together with his wife Christine, he is a faithful servant of God's Kingdom and a skilled workman, who has established many buildings and charitable organisations for the advancement of God's Kingdom and the proclamation of His Gospel.

Dr Ross Pellow

Dr Ross Pellow is a dentist by trade and a gifted communicator who loves to inspire others toward seeing the Holy Spirit take the lead in their lives. He has been ministering with Terry for many years, both locally and overseas, and is passionate about the lost finding healing and restoration, so that they can make a difference in the world around them.